Your source for the best AK47 and UZI's on the market.

About Vector Arms.

Your source for the best AK47 and *UZI's on the market.


Vector Arms Inc. has been in the firearms industry for 20+ years, despite rumors we are still in business and we are continuing to grow with better sales staff, better parts and better techs, as well as research into new territories.

Our reputation amongst those in the industry is still one of the best, and we are working hard to bring you the best *UZI and AK rifles, pistols, and SBR's on the market. All of our firearms still carry Vector's 5 year warranty.

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*UZI is a registered trademark of IWI, Israel and is used here only as a reference to a style or type of weapon, and does not appear on Vector’s weapons. Vector is not affiliated with IWI in any way.
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